Are you looking for a no-stress restaurant POS? Lavu POS cuts out the hassles of business ownership, so you can focus on the joy of offering irresistible food and drinks.

Lavu is an all-in-one POS solution. Use Lavu to manage every aspect of your business, from payroll to accounting to inventory and much more. Of course, we provide the essential tools of a restaurant POS, such as orders and payments. But we offer so much more, too. We offer everything your restaurant needs—on the size of a screen.

Take your establishment from good to great with Lavu’s state-of-the-art restaurant POS system.

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Knowledge Is Power

Restaurant failure is often a direct result of insufficient knowledge. Restaurant owners have to keep track of endless, always-changing numbers: cash flow, hourly/daily/monthly sales, till in and out, payroll, stock levels, food costs, labor costs, menu prices….We could go on.

You can’t be expected to keep track of all this data on your own, which is where Lavu’s restaurant POS comes in: We will track everything for you. Our restaurant POS provides a totally comprehensive suite of information about your business, which you can check from anywhere with Internet access.

Restaurant point of sale software will help
you streamline your serving operations.
Streamlined restaurant POS systems reduce costs and and speed up operations.

Reduce Costs and Increase Profit with Lavu’s iPad POS for Restaurants

Use Lavu to streamline your business operations, cutting out unnecessary costs and investing more in what’s working. Too much of an item in stock? You’ll know right away by using Lavu’s inventory system. Too many hands on deck during slow times? You’ll see that too, so you can shift staff schedules in a way that makes more business sense.

When you use Lavu POS to assess your operations and make any necessary changes, you can expect your profit margins to head in the right direction.

Give Customers an Unforgettable Dining Experience

Diners visit restaurants expecting a seamless experience, with minimal waiting, attentive servers, and accurate orders. Lavu’s iPad-based restaurant point of sale system means everything moves faster: faster order placement, faster order processing, faster payments. Customers won’t be asking where the server is; instead, they’ll be enjoying and admiring their food!

Lavu’s Restaurant Point of Sale System also offers gift and loyalty, improving the guest experience even more. Our customer database allows you to keep track of customers’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers, so customers can become part of your restaurant’s family.

Stimulate restaurant success by increasing efficiency and improving operations. There is no better way to reduce food and labor costs—and increase profits.

iPad POS Designed Exclusively for Restaurants and Bars

Lavu’s restaurant point of sale software speeds up the process of turning tables.

Tables Turning, Lines Flowing

Speed up service with Lavu POS. Take orders and payments on an iPad. It’s as easy as the press of a few buttons.
Lavu’s restaurant iPad pos can increase your establishment’s efficiency.

Total Efficiency

Internet-speed communications across your restaurant mean no more running back and forth to relay information. Our mobile restaurant point of sale system keeps everyone—from servers to kitchen staff—in the know.
Lavu’s restaurant POS system can improve order accuracy.

Increased Order Accuracy

Restaurant success depends on clear communications. Lavu enables crystal-clear communications between front of house and back of house, for improved order accuracy. With our touchscreen ordering system, Lavu also cuts out human errors such as handwritten orders that are misread.
Lavu’s restaurant point of sale system simplifies training with iPads.

Simplified Training

Using Lavu POS allows you to cut down on staff training. Our intuitive restaurant POS means that anyone can use it. If you know how to use an iPad, you know how to use Lavu.
A restaurant POS system like Lavu makes it easy to track vital metrics in real time.

Thorough Tracking

As a restaurant owner, you need to understand everything that’s going on at your establishment. Quickly check all data, including:
  • Real-time sales
  • Inventory levels
  • Real-time payments
  • Labor reports
  • Individual menu items
Restaurant POS software like Lavu is completely secure.

Data Security

Whenever customers pay at your restaurant, they are placing their trust in you. You need a restaurant POS system with top-notch security features, so you never have to worry about compromising anyone’s trust. Lavu’s security features include:
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Tokenization
  • EMV chip card technology

Let Your Restaurant POS Be Your Complete Management System

300+ Restaurant POS Features

Please visit our features page to see a selection of the hundreds of restaurant features included in Lavu POS. We are constantly innovating, too—and our feature set is always growing. Every new feature originates with a simple question: How can we help restaurant owners succeed?

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It’s a fact: The quality of your restaurant’s POS system can mean the difference between profit and loss. Having the right POS solutions positively affects the functionality of every aspect of your business. From maintaining optimum customer care standards, to your ability to manage your inventory, effective POS can help your restaurant succeed beyond your wildest expectations.